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I am happy to share some luxury cruises that have low – or no- single supplements.  A cabin to yourself at the same cost as sharing – what a treat!
Booking a low single supplement luxury cruise can offer a range of benefits, particularly for solo travelers who want to experience the advantages of cruising without the significant additional cost typically associated with single occupancy. Here are some key benefits:

The Cost Savings is significant: Traditional single supplements can range from 50% to 100% of the double occupancy rate, making solo travel expensive. The following cruises are my choices for making luxury cruising more affordable for solo travelers.
Luxurious Accommodations: Luxury cruise lines often provide spacious and well-appointed cabins with high-end amenities. Solo travelers can enjoy these luxurious accommodations in their own cabin, but have fellow passengers to dine with and enjoy shore excursions together, too..
Exclusive Access and Services: Luxury cruises often offer exclusive services such as butler service, priority boarding, and access to private lounges and dining areas. These perks enhance the overall travel experience and provide a high level of comfort and convenience.
Intimate and Personalized Experience: Luxury cruises tend to have a lower passenger-to-crew ratio, ensuring more personalized service. Solo travelers can enjoy tailored experiences, from custom excursions to personalized dining options.
Special Social Programs for Solo Travelers: Many luxury cruise lines organize social events specifically for solo travelers. These might include hosted dinners, cocktail parties, and group excursions, making it easier for solo travelers to meet and interact with others.

By opting for a low single supplement on a luxury cruise, solo travelers can enjoy all these benefits while maintaining financial flexibility, making it an attractive option for a high-quality travel experience.

Silversea Alaska cruise at a Zero single supplement
August 01, 2024 on the brand new Silver Muse   Vancouver to Anchorage for 7 nights.  An oceanview cabin is $5400, WITH A FREE UPGRADE TO A BALCONY CABIN.  Keep in mind that this price includes all amenities, even shore excursions and no additional taxes  

Vancouver, BC                  
Inside Passage, West Coast (Cruising) (not shown)                           
Ketchikan, Alaska                           
Icy Strait Point, Alaska                  
Haines, Alaska                 
Valdez, Alaska                  
Anchorage (Seward), Alaska
An excellent choice!

In our minds, Alaska is far more than a state – it is a state of mind. This is a region that conjures up images of exploration, big dreams, astounding landscape and adventure in abundance. Alaska and its vast plains are encircled by the midnight sun, centuries of tradition and wildlife so amazing, your friends back home will not believe you. Join us on this ONE-week adventure voyage and discover a state that is yours for the taking.


Enjoy the 24-hour gourmet dining, butler service, superb entertainment and premium beverages that Silversea is known for.
Butler services in every suite
Nearly one crew member for every guest
24-hour dining service
Complimentary transportation into town in most ports
Multiple restaurants, diverse cuisine, open-seating dining
Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship, including champagne, select wines and spirits
Onboard entertainment
Spa and Fitness Center
Unlimited free WiFi



Airfare available. Insurance recommended


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