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Airfare secrets. Find the lowest fares.

It’s hard to find the best airfares. Just when you think you have the best fare, the price changes, or you realize that baggage fees and seat fees are substantially increasing your cost. There are a few secrets I use to find the lowest fares. When looking for the best airfare, do this:

Airfare secrets. Register for email alerts from newsletters. One I like:

1.Go to google flights
and find the cheapest fares. Find the lowest fares. Not all airlines are listed here, but it should give you a good idea of what the fare should be. While you’re exploring Google Flights, examine the map search feature. It can show you the least expensive fares to various destinations.
Look at fares a day or two before or after your ideal dates to see whether there is a substantial difference in the fare. Going a day early may save you a lot, offsetting the cost on an extra night in a hotel. 
You can track prices with Google's price tracker (allowing you to track a specific itinerary’s price). If you sign in to your Google account, you can receive notifications for price changes, new offers and expiration dates of an itinerary you have saved.

2.Go directly to the airline’s website and book your fare. Almost every airline features a regular deals section on its website, too.

3. When you find a fare you like, book it.  

4.Don’t book more than two people at a time to find the lowest fares.
If you have a larger party of, say 4 or 5, don’t look for all 5 seats at the same time. Book two at a time for the best fares. Why? Airlines may have only 1 or 2 seats left at the lowest fare. When you book 4 at a time, and they can’t find 4 of the cheapest fares, all 4 pay a higher price.

5.More important than anything, don’t use your original device to book your fare. Once you use my airfare secrets, and find a fare, change devices. All airlines and booking sites use cookies which track your interests. 

Don’t repeatedly check the fare on the same computer. The more desperate you seem to book a fare, the more expensive it gets.

By changing devices, airlines cannot check your cookies, and your fare will go down.

6.Book early, or book 3-6 months in advance. The worst fares can be found when you book close to departure (2-3 weeks in advance).

FYI - Airline systems can not store fares more than a year in advance, so wait until around 11 months in advance (of your return date) to check your fare. Don't book then, though. Fares are at their highest at that time.

By the way, don't book your travel insurance with your airline ticket. Wait and buy travel insurance from a company like Travel Guard, and you can cover your whole trip - airfare, hotels, cars and more all for a lower price. 

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